10 Simplified Ways Of Using ChatGPT To Write Social Media Content

Using AI for social media doesn’t need to be a bad thing. Here are 10 simplified ways to leverage ChatGPT for writing engaging social media content

With 85% accuracy, ChatGPT can write code snippets flawlessly, so writing social media content is a piece of cake for this NLP-based AI. According to Gitnux, the ChatGPT had 1 million users in its first week, which jumped to 50+ million in the same month. That alone is a testament to its remarkable expertise in facilitating the users.

ChatGPT's dense network of 175 billion neural parameters is nearly useless without a suitable prompt. Indeed, social media is an essential tool to reach a specific audience, and ChatGPT can add much to it—but only if you know the way. For your ease, we enlisted ten simple ways to use ChatGPT to create social media content and build a particular fanbase for your brand.

1. Brainstorm New Ideas

Before you use ChatGPT to write social media content, it is better to have a clear set of ideas in front. These ideas can help you generate data relevant to your goal and get maximum results. Startup social media businesses can step up their sales and traffic through this. Besides, a relevant prompt result from ChatGPT highlights the points worth your attention. The ideal prompt for this would be:

ChatGPT Prompt__: Please act like an expert social media strategist and brainstorm ideas for a social media account titled <name> dealing with <details>

2. Find Additional and Related Hashtags

Hashtags help your content reach the right people on any social media platform. The best part about using ChatGPT to create hashtags is its versatility throughout the process. The self-improving AI can help you find and generate hashtags with respect to the goal or caption. Here's the best prompt to use for this purpose:

ChatGPT Prompt__: Please enlist relevant hashtags on <topic> that can drive traffic and amplify the growth.

3. Design Campaigns for A Particular Goal

A successful social media page has months of constant hard work behind it. Marketers use a level-up campaign strategy that transforms your general visitors into loyal customers step by step. Fortunately, ChatGPT can do the work of a social media marketer for you quickly and inexpensively. Remember, better prompts will bring better results. Here is one that worked out for me!

ChatGPT Prompt: Please create a marketing campaign for my social media brand <name> dealing with <details>. Ensure that the campaign is created to achieve <state your goal>

4. Generate Social Media Ad Copy Seamlessly

A good ad copy guarantees sales. With excellent prompt and minimum tweaks, ChatGPT can supply you with exceptional ad copy that will eliminate your need for an expert copywriter. Here's the best prompt to help you assess how to use Chat GPT to create content for your brand ad copy:

ChatGPT Prompt: Please act as a professional copywriter and write a social media ad copy for <product name> by <brand name>. Remember that the target audience is <write age, gender, or special requirements for your product's particular audience>

5. Use FeedHive's AI Chat Assistant for An All-in-one Solution

What if we told you there's a way to create and manage social media content without repetitive prompts? ChatGPT is a versatile AI tool that will generate social media content only if you give a unique command. But FeedHive AI Chat Assistant is something else! It will help you know how to use Chat GPT for social media.

This AI platform is designed to schedule, organize, create, and publish your social media content to achieve a common goal. Furthermore, this all-in-one AI chat assistant took social automation to another level with the help of AI and helped more than 15,000 businesses to build a dedicated fan base. The next one could be you! If you want to manage all your socials and their content with a single click, FeedHive is the solution for you.

6. Schedule Your Posts

Social media content must be posted in an organized manner to maximize audience exposure. ChatGPT can create content calendars that are the ideal way to schedule your posts. Before you use ChatGPT to write social media content for the calendar, ensure you steer clear of your aim. Besides, try your best to highlight the details of your social media page/brand in the prompt.

ChatGPT Prompt__: Please create a content calendar for my social media brand <name> that deals with <details> for the <duration/time> in a tabular form. Make sure to add the post name, ideas, and captions in it.

7. Generate Content Captions

Captions are the easiest way to reach your audience and help them perceive your goal better. ChatGPT is perfect for creating subtitles and captions specifically for your audience. The best part is that it is a multi-lingual AI, which is ideal for translating captions into other languages. The best prompt to generate content captions is as follows:

ChatGPT Prompt__: Please create captions for <event name> on behalf of the <brand name>

8. Respond to The Customer Reviews Better

With ChatGPT, you won't have to spend hours reading and replying to every customer comment on your social media platform. Just paste the feedback in the chat box along with the prompt and let AI write a suitable response for you. Here's a ready-made command to use ChatGPT to write social media content.

ChatGPT Prompt__: Please write a related response to a person <name> who commented <include his statement in quotes> under our social media page's post related to <details>.

9. Go Viral with ChatGPT

With the right set of prompts, ChatGPT can help you go viral with extraordinary social media content. Unlike other AI writers, it creates SEO-oriented posts with related keywords and hashtags that will take over the trending pages in a matter of days—not to mention its fast and accurate delivery with minimal tweaks needed. Use the prompt below to get yourself a viral post for your social media business!

ChatGPT Prompt: Please act as an experienced copywriter to write an engaging post with an attention-grabbing hook for <topic> on behalf of <brand name and details>. Make sure to use a persuasive and compelling tone to attract an audience so the post has a higher chance of going viral.

10. Products Promotion With AI

Promoting products can be difficult for startups—but not with ChatGPT in the game! If you have every nitty gritty detail about your product, the target audience, and your social media business goal, ChatGPT can give you numerous hassle-free ways to promote your product. Here's a command to let you know how to use Chat GPT to create social media content for promotion.

ChatGPT Prompt: Please enlist suggestions to promote my <product name> produced by <brand name> for the target audience <details about audience>__. Just two bullet points.

Avoid These Pitfalls While Using ChatGPT

Undoubtedly, ChatGPT's natural language processing creates social media content seamlessly. However, its performance may vary depending on multiple simple factors. Here are a few risks to avoid if you need error-free and value-added results:

  • Don't be too generic while writing the prompts. Your command will reflect the output, so be very specific about your requirements. One of the best ways to do so is by giving relevant examples.
  • ChatGPT is a language-processing AI model. So, don't ask it to deal with math problems. While the answers may seem convincing, they won't be 100% accurate.
  • Don't focus on one thing at a time unless you want to waste your time. The AI model is capable of dealing with multiple tasks simultaneously. So, improve your prompt and work smart, not hard!
  • Don't just rely on one result. Keep tweaking your prompts and let the AI self-improve itself to give you better outputs.
  • Not using personas would seriously impact your results. Instead of commanding, "Write me a social media ad copy," try using "Act as a professional copywriter and write a social media ad copy."
  • Apart from math problems, ChatGPT also lies to you in written content. Recent reports state that ChatGPT may fabricate the answers while answering about a specific field. So, it is better to double-check every fact.


ChatGPT has made managing and creating social media content easier without spending hours at working desks. From generating new ideas to value-adding ad copies, it is improving day by day.

However, writing prompts repeatedly for the same purpose is frustrating, especially when you have an easier solution out there. FeedHive's AI assistant can help you execute all the social media management tasks in one go without the hassle of switching between platforms.

Syed Hassan Zaman

Lead Content Marketer

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