Use FeedHive to grow organically on Facebook using Reels and posts - and grow your Facebook group communities on automation.


Facebook × FeedHive Integration

Almost 2 billion people use Facebook every day. (Oh yes! That's billion, with a capital "B").

No doubt - there's incredible potential here!
And with FeedHive, we made planning, scheduling and publishing to your Facebook page, groups and Reels incredibly smooth.

Publish to your public Facebook Page

Plan and schedule posts to your public Facebook Page.
Easily add the right caption, the perfect images and the right hashtags.

Lean back, and watch it go live on automation.

Publish in your Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups is an incredible way to grow a community.
But you need to keep people engaged.

FeedHive makes this incredibly easy.
Plan and schedule group updates and keep your group members engaged. On automation! While you're out there doing business 🚀

Publish Facebook Reels

Bet on Reels!
It's one of Facebook's newest features, and they really want you to use it.

With FeedHive you can upload your videos and schedule them to go live.
You don't need any third-party mobile app, and you don't need to wait for a notification before publishing.

And of course, you can cross-post them to Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and TikTok - while you're at it.

How to connect with Facebook?

Sign up for FeedHive today and add your Facebook page and group right away.
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