Compose your Threads in FeedHive's rich editor and do a one-click copy-paste to Thread's mobile app.


Threads × FeedHive Integration

Threads is the new text-based social media on the block.
They don't offer an official API yet. But they will soon, and FeedHive will be standing first in line.

Meanwhile, we did prepare!
Write your threads in FeedHive - from the browser, tablet, or wherever you prefer, using all your favorite AI tools, templates, variables and more.

When you're done writing, simply open FeedHive from your phone, click "Copy text/thread" and paste it directly into the Threads editor.

And yes! We'll take care of splitting it into a thread automatically 😎

Of course, this is only the beginning!

Oncelaunches an official API, we will have a full Threads × FeedHive integration in place!