11 Tips & Tricks On How To Grow Instagram Followers in 2023

Social media is growing faster than ever before, and the platforms are rapidly changing. See our guide on how to grow a dedicated following on Instagram in 2023

11 Tips & Tricks On How To Grow Instagram Followers in 2023

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Social media platforms are growing faster than ever before. In the world of social media, Instagram is one of the platforms with more than 1.4 billion users. Whether you are a brand, influencer, content creator, or even a consumer, Instagram has the right audience for everyone.

Having a significant number of Instagram followers in 2023 is leverage in building a brand, creating awareness, or generating revenue. With the ever-evolving Instagram algorithm and the introduction of new features, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends and strategies to increase your reach and engagement.

If you are struggling to grow your Instagram followers in 2023, Well, we have curated a list of the latest tips and tricks by which anyone can significantly increase their Instagram followers!

#1 Optimize Your Profile

Trends and algorithms will come and go, but your profile will always be the first thing a user checkouts about you on Instagram. So you have to nail it with your first impression.

Optimise your profile picture and bio to state your personality or brand clearly. Use relevant keywords and hashtags while writing your profile bio. Ensure that the purpose and vision of you or your brand are visible to your target audience. Below is an example of an optimized Instagram profile.

#2 Create Quality Content

The attention span of social media users is now less than 10 sec. So you have to make sure that you not just attract followers but also retain their attention.

In order to retain attention, you should focus highly on the quality of the content. Create high-quality images, videos or reels that concentrate on the niche and, more importantly, deliver some value to consumers. Below is an example of great Instagram Grid!

#3 Use Hashtags

One of the popular ways to increase visibility on Instagram is using #hastags. The first step is to find relevant and targeted hashtags for your profile. Use hashtags to bring your stories, post & videos visible to a larger audience.

Explore page of Instagram is all about ranking creators on a particular hashtag. So, cracking the hashtag game can be a game changer in the journey of increasing followers.

⭐ Pro tip: Use FeedHive’s hashtag research tool

FeedHive offers one of the most comprehensive, AI-driven hashtag research tools on the market.

#4 Use SEO Captions

Instagram Search & Explore is not limited to hashtags, locations and usernames. Users can now search desired content using relevant keywords.

All you have to do is start using SEO keywords relevant to your content in captions. The more relevant and descriptive keywords you use, the more likely you will be visible in the search results. This will eventually increase your visibility.

#5 Find The Best Time

When you post something on Instagram, the first hours are very crucial. The engagement on the post within the first hour will likely affect the post's visibility in the near future.

So it is very important to have a good percentage of engagement in the first few hours of the post. How to do that? Very simple! Find the best time to upload. The best time basically means the time at which most of your followers are active on a particular day.

You can use your creators/business analytics tool to find the best times to upload content. This trick can spike the visibility and followers' engagement on the post.

#6 Be Consistent

You can’t just randomly post on Instagram and expect to have an increased curve of followers. Consistency plays an important role in gaining followers. Once you have figured out the best time to post, you have to be consistent with it.

Consistency doesn’t mean uploading 3-4 content every day. It actually means posting content at regular intervals. Whether you post 3-4 content daily or in a week, just be consistent with that. This hack has been proven to bring a considerable number of followers for the majority of users.

#7 Collaborate With Other Brands & Creators

Instagram has recently launched a feature where two creators/ brands can upload the same content on each other profiles by using the collabs feature.

Find out creators who are in the same niche, and brands can choose other brands by which they can cross-sell. Using the collab feature, you can instantly reach out to the mass audience, generally to your collab partner’s followers. It’s a win-win for both parties!

#8 Use Instagram Reels

Short video content is at BOOM! If you are not into creating reels, start doing it right now! As it is a new feature of Instagram and a highly engaging one. There is a high chance of your posts getting viral and eventually enjoying a considerable number of followers overnight.

Make attractive reels (mainly the first 3 secs to stop scrolling) engaging and have some value in them. Instagram will automatically push the content, and if it is liked by many, congrats! Now be consistent with it.

#9 Leverage Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a new world to engage, redirect or share updates with followers. Engagement is essential to retaining followers, and stories are a perfect feature to crack it.

Use Instagram stories to interact with followers via polls, quizzes, Q&A etc. Use hashtags to increase visibility and highlight the most valuable stories. Highlights are a great way to raise awareness, and new visitors can quickly check out previous updates or trending stories.

#10 Use Memes Templates

Memes are everywhere as they are highly relatable and quickly shareable content with friends and family. Every day there is a new trendy meme on social media. You can use those meme templates to create memes related to your profile and brand.

Make sure to spread positivity while creating and posting memes. Memes are a great way to go viral and tap a large audience.

#11 Use Instagram Ads

Ads are another way of growing followers in 2023. This paid method is helpful as it targets your visibility defined by your audience’s interest, location and many other parameters.

If you are a brand, this feature will be your game changer, not just followers; you will have significant growth in sales and revenue too!

In Nutshell

Growing the number of followers on Instagram is a challenging task and keeps changing as the platform advances. Well, there are still some core and genuine ways to grow Instagram followers in 2023.

You can use all the tips mentioned above & tricks to upscale your Instagram game and increase the number of followers in 2023.

11 Tips & Tricks On How To Grow Instagram Followers in 2023

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