16 Essential Social Media Marketing Statistics for 2023

Social media statistics can help you formulate a robust strategy. Read this blog to learn about the latest trends in the digital world!

16 Essential Social Media Marketing Statistics for 2023

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Did you know there are 4.89 billion social media users around the world as of 2023? That makes social media the sole source to reach more than 50% of the world's population. Such a colossal audience also brings never-ending opportunities for digital marketing. However, it isn't as easy as it seems. Every social media platform needs a special social media marketing strategy that is curated with keeping the insights and trends in mind.

If you're wondering how to analyze a social media platform's trends, we have the perfect solution for you. Social media marketing statistics can help you streamline an immaculate digital marketing strategy in no time. With the help of the latest data, you can focus on the areas that need extra attention and improvement. So, let's jump in and scroll through some valuable statistics.

Social Media Adverts Statistics

Social media ads have always been the primary source of paid marketing. As a business-oriented advertiser, expensive ad campaigns might make you hesitant to choose social media adverts for digital marketing. But rest assured, these are worth the price! Additionally, while their overall influence on the average consumer might be negative, they are still considered highly effective. Good results always keep rolling in, and the following social media marketing statistics are a testament to that.

  • By the end of 2023, the social media advertising industry is expected to reach $268 billion. And that's not the end! It is suggested that the industry will hit the $786.3 billion mark in 2026.
  • The world is changing, and successful marketers are keeping up with its pace. In the past year, 63% of business owners increased their digital marketing budgets to attract more people.
  • Most social media marketing platforms work on PPC (pay-per-click). The good thing is PPC has a 200% return on investment (ROI), making it extremely befitting.

Social Media Platforms Statistics

Social media is an ever-changing realm of automation that keeps evolving with every passing second. With tons of different platforms, it has become the ultimate marketing solution in the digital world.

In order to use all the social media platforms for perfect digital marketing, you must wrap your head around their latest trends and insights. With that in mind, here are some top social media platforms and their social media stats for your help.

1. Facebook Statistics

Facebook leads in the race of monthly users with 2.9 billion active individuals each month, thanks to the massive social media growth of the past few years. This vast audience makes Facebook one of the leading platforms for social media adverts. The following facts about social media marketing will help you determine whether you should focus on Facebook as a marketing hub or not.

  • Facebook isn't new to the marketing world. It holds the crown of the most used platform of marketers by hooking up 89% of digital marketers worldwide.
  • While you may think of Facebook as a teenager shenanigan, adults partake equally in its digital activities. 70% of American adults use Facebook daily.
  • Facebook is almost gender-neutral in terms of its monthly active users. Recent reports show that 43.4% of Facebook's audience is female, and the remaining 6% is male.
  • Out of its 2.9 billion monthly active users, a quarter is between the ages 25 to 34, making Facebook a marketing powerhouse for people of all ages.

2. YouTube Statistics

YouTube secures second place in the list of platforms with the highest number of monthly active users. In 2023, YouTube crossed the 2.47 billion users mark, making it the second-best place for promotional and paid social media marketing. Here are some helpful YouTube statistics every marketer must know.

  • YouTube has revolutionized marketing campaigns with its shorts. YouTube shorts alone secure 30 billion views each day from users worldwide.
  • If you're ready to step into the world of YouTube marketing, it is best that you optimize everything for the mobile device. That is because 90% of traffic on YouTube comes from smartphones.
  • On average, people spend 19 minutes watching YouTube videos which creates a window big enough for your marketing adverts.
  • Make sure you try to achieve perfection in everything when posting on YouT It would not be easy to compete when 500 hours of content is getting uploaded to the platform with each passing minute.

3. Instagram Statistics

After crossing 2 billion users in 2022, Instagram has become the primary social media marketing platform for influencers, entrepreneurs, and business people. Unlike Facebook, Instagram isn't much saturated with adults. On the contrary, it is perfect if you're looking to target young individuals. Here are a few useful Instagram statistics:

  • Instagram has the highest return on investment for selling products, making it a paradise for social sellers.
  • Instagram reels conclude 30% of the average user's time on Instagram. Therefore, try to prioritize the reels section for better results.
  • After Facebook, Instagram is the second most-used platform by marketers. However, its engagement rates are four times higher when compared to Facebook.

Instagram is expanding its network with the help of associating apps, and the recently launched Instagram Threads is one of them. In only five days, the app scored 100 million sign-ups making it the upcoming king of social media marketing. That's why we suggest starting right away if you want to make a strong online presence on the Threads app.

4. App X Statistics

App X – formerly known as Twitter – has about 556 million active users. The platform is an ideal place for sarcasm and serious debates. Besides, it is perfect for spreading a strong message to Gen Z as many of the App X audience includes adults with ages 18-25. The following social media marketing statistics will help you set up a perfect marketing strategy for App X:

  • It would be best to use an informative tone, as 53% of the audience gets to the app only for the latest news.
  • There's a misconception that the platform is all about politics. In reality, 10% of U.S. App X users are women tweeting about politics. On the contrary, 71% of U.S. users are there for newer updates. So, don't worry about your marketing campaign getting silenced by a political debate.
  • The Median Age of United States App X users is 47, whereas, A US adult spends8 minutes daily on the app.

5. TikTok Statistics

TikTok faced massive backlash initially, but the platform became a fruitful marketing hub for social media investors as time passed. Due to its 1 billion active users, the platform has attracted many digital marketers towards itself. Here are a few essential social media statistics 2023 you can use to curate your own TikTok social media marketing strategy:

  • TikTok's audience includes primarily women. The platform has 1% of women's accounts as per gender data. That is why TikTok can become a premium marketing platform for beauty/skincare products.
  • 18-24 years old users collectively comprise9% of the total audience. It also accounts for the largest share of the platform's advertising audience.


In the modern digitalized world, traditional ways of marketing are no longer helpful. People have evolved their tactics and jumped up to a better solution which is social media marketing. By leveraging the secrets of social media marketing statistics, one can easily advertise and boost ROI along with user engagement.

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16 Essential Social Media Marketing Statistics for 2023

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