8 Best AI Tools For Social Media

AI tools for social media can ease your life while maximizing results. Here are the 8 best AI tools for social media that will surely boost your campaigns

Every marketer and social media manager wants to target the audience in the best possible way to boost engagement and conversion rates. In a vast digital world, winning customers' hearts is not an easy feat. There're over 4.89 billion users of social media, and every single one of them has different preferences, interests, and platforms. Some of your target audience may be using Twitter and Facebook.

However, others may be more inclined toward Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. So, how can you boost your revenues without adding nerve-wracking costs to your social media marketing?

The AI tools for social media can reduce your hard work and cost while exponentially increasing the results. The artificial intelligence has improved unimaginably from ChatGPT-4 to Midjourney, easing your marketing efforts and adding another level of flavor.

In fact, the AI market size is expected to increase from $0.6 Billion in 2018 to $2.2 Billion in 2023. So, it goes without saying that AI tools for social media are your savior when it comes to content creation, post scheduling, targeting diverse audiences, and enjoying higher ROI.

So, tighten your seatbelt as we uncover the 8 best AI tools for social media, bringing outstanding results to your campaigns.

1. Chat GPT

ChatGPT sets the record for the fastest-growing AI platform by gaining 100 million users within two months of its release. This fiction-come-true technology can assist social media marketers in managing various tasks. It can help businesses manage customer requests efficiently, providing instant responses and boosting satisfaction.

You can generate goal-oriented campaigns and content calendars in a matter of minutes. Don't spend hours finding the best captions for your post; just give GPT a prompt and see the magic happens. It's a brilliant writing assistant; you can hand over all your social media content writing tasks to it. Chat GPT is among the best AI tools for social media because;

  • It improves lead generation.
  • Chat GPT monitors consumer data to gain insights
  • It balances automation with a human touch

2. FeedHive

A consistent stream of quality content pleases the algorithm and puts your brand in front of your audience. But as a start-up owner, marketer, or influencer, it's hard for you to come up with new ideas daily and stay consistent. But don't worry FeedHive is there to save your day.

It can perfectly write and organize your posts using custom, color-coded labels that align with your brand's trends, themes, and relevant topics. It offers an AI writing assistant like Chat GPT. It also has an AI-powered content recycling tool that is most liked among users. FeedHive lets you create post categories, and you can lock all these categories in its content calendar.

It can give you detailed analytics about the timings the audience engages in the most. It is one of those tools for social media that help you work in an organized manner and reduce your workload. Here is why FeedHive is giving a hard time to its competitors:

  • Generate Hashtags and auto syncing
  • 3000+ inspirational Templates
  • Detailed analytics
  • Custom labels
  • Post Scheduling

3. Jasper

Jasper is one of the best AI tools for social media because it is an all-in-one writing tool that prides itself on generating human-like written content. It is mainly used as a copywriter because of its copywriting template library. It has a document-style interface that accepts prompts, including keywords and a specific tone, and will generate ready-to-publish content.

Jasper doesn't stop there. Its AI-powered content recommendation engine suggests relevant content for your targeted audience. It ensures that your social media content is always fresh and exciting. What sets it apart is its advanced analytics capabilities that provide deep insights into your social media performance.

4. Vista Social

Vista Social can handle all social sites available today, including OpenTable, Reddit, Twitter, etc. But Posting content is not enough. You must engage with your audience on all these platforms, reply to their comments, and show your presence.

Using AI doesn't mean acting like a robot. That's why Vista Social creates content, chats with your audience, and reviews tracking. And the best feature of Vista Social is that it is excellent to repurpose long-form posts into shorter snappy ones.

5. Midjourney

70% of companies prefer to invest in content marketing, including visual marketing strategies. People strive for visuals and images. Midjourney is an Image generator AI designed to help businesses create stunning visuals for ad campaigns.

It is an independent research lab dedicated to exploring new mediums of imagination. You just have to prompt it, including the exact instruction about what type of image you want. It can generate that image according to your guidelines. Now you can easily design your desired visuals with this AI tool for social media without wasting hours researching and downloading.

6. Copy A.I

Social media advertising is anticipated to be the second biggest market in digital ads. Marketers are projected to spend $65.31 billion on social networks this year. But it's a myth that your ad campaign only succeeds when you hire an expensive copywriter. Because copy AI is there to serve you with all types of copies, including social media posts, product descriptions, sales copies, and website copies.

It is designed to reduce your marketing budget and save you time searching for a wordsmith. This powerful tool lets you brainstorm new ideas and create viral content daily.

7. Copysmith

If you run an eCommerce website and a marketing agency, then Copysmith AI is all you need. It provides you with robust product catalog management along with bulk content generation. This tool is also based on open AI's model Chat GPT and has worked with Big fishes like Shopify and Amazon.

This AI tool is a one-stop shop for all your writing and social media platform needs. Its versatility and easy-to-use interface makes it the best AI tool for social media.

8. QuillBot

What if we say you can repeatedly repurpose one piece of content with just one click? This dream will come true with Quillbot. Now you don't have to worry about writer's block because you can re-generate one piece of content five times.

You can attach this tool as an extension with Word documents. Its free version has a 125-word limit, but you can access unlimited features if you unlock the paid version.


The world of social media is constantly evolving, and AI tools are leading the charge toward a brighter future. With AI-powered marketing, businesses can unlock possibilities and turn data into actionable insights. AI marketing isn't just about crunching numbers. It's about empowering businesses to create more effective social media posts.

Using platforms like Feedhive, you can create platform-specific posts and connect with your audience on a deeper level. FeedHive offers helpful tools like inspiration templates, performance predictors, and hashtag generators. With this powerful tool, your business can create a more personalized and relevant social media presence.

Syed Hassan Zaman

Lead Content Marketer

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