Decoding Instagram Feed Algorithm for 2023

Read this blog to discover how the Instagram algorithm works in 2023 and tailor your content strategy for a better reach.

Instagram is a dynamic platform to showcase your talent and promote your business. However, it can be tricky at times to leverage the power of this tool for the desired outcome. Whether you are an experienced user or a newbie in the influencer market, understanding the basics of the Instagram feed algorithm is fundamental to bringing the best out of your online presence.

It is crucial to stay informed on what, how, and when to post so the algorithm picks it up and boosts your visibility. But, regular updates and fluctuations in the working pattern do make it challenging for the digital community to keep up with their audience. So, here we are with a brief and up-to-date guide to help you grow your Insta fam with the right algorithm knowledge.

Let’s get started without further ado!

What is the Instagram Algorithm?

The gist of Instagram's algorithm is that it is unlike other social media apps we use. The app has a set of algorithms dedicated to each portion — the feed, search, explore, reels, or stories. The CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, calls it ‘’the ranking system.’’ These ranking factors decide what you see on each part of the app according to how you choose to engage with them.

Let’s discuss the ranking factors associated with each system!

1. Instagram Feed Algorithm

Instagram feed algorithm capitalizes on the five key factors to decide what users will see on the feed — the time they spend on a post, whether they liked, shared, commented on the post, or visited the account.

2. Instagram Stories Algorithm

The ranking system analyzes how fast users tap on a story from a specific profile and how much or how often they interact with several other accounts to align their stories in order ranging from high to least priority.

3. Instagram Explore Algorithm

Instagram explore algorithm uses the audience response time (how fast they like, comment, or share) to gauge the popularity of the post and the one who created it. These factors together decide what the user’s explore page is going to look like. Mostly, it represents the kind of content people find relevant.

4. Instagram Reels Algorithm

Instagram reels have been the talk of the town for some time now. With an engagement rate of 1.95%, they rank above all other types of media. The explore feed is customized for reels based on audio tracks, visuals, image quality, and the content users find interesting.

How Does Instagram Algorithm Work?

Now that you have an overall picture of the factors you should prioritize while creating content, it is also essential to grasp other dominating parts of the algorithm that ultimately decide where your posts will end up and with which frequency. Have a look below to understand!

1. Interest

What interests the users or what kind of content they engage with is the top priority for Instagram algorithms to personalize their experience. So, you can have the audience all to yourself if you manage to grab their attention with high-quality, compelling content.

2. Screen Time

In 2023, the average user spends time on Instagram daily is almost half an hour. Therefore, it is a significant part that decides what the users will see on the feed. If they spend less time on the app, they will see updates from their friends and family more often, blocking out other pages.

3. Recency

The Instagram algorithm focuses on the most recent posts to help them reach the general public. That is why the Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri, encourages the creators to post regularly to maintain their reach with a bigger audience.

4. Accounts They Follow

When users actively follow hundreds or thousands of accounts, the algorithm has to function more keenly to filter out and personalize their Instagram feed. It keeps their priority accounts, including friends, family, or favorites, on top while hindering the reach of other accounts they follow.

2023 Tips to Improve Your Reach

Instagram has updated its working algorithm that focuses on expanding your online network only if you:

  • Collaborate more often
  • Create original and innovative content
  • View Insights
  • Stick to guidelines
  • Appear in your audiences’ favorite list

How to Optimize Your Content to Suit the Standards of Instagram Feed Algorithm?

Instagram feed algorithm can uplift your business, but only if you harness it the right way. For instance, as a cooking influencer will perfectly blend the ingredients to deliver a wholesome recipe to the users, the same way the Instagram feed algorithm requires you to balance your content intelligently and carefully to squeeze the best value out of it.


So, join us as we explore ways to maximize your reach on Instagram with optimized content!

1. Post Frequently

Instagram feed algorithm strictly evaluates the amount of times you post in a week. If you don’t manage time to make one post each day, your content will face an overall reduction in engagement rate. While it is difficult to maintain that pace, FeedHive understands the ordeal. It allows you to schedule multiple posts at a moment to auto-publish them in the future for your ease.

2. Post on Peak Time

Frequently posting to keep your audience engaged is all-important, without a doubt, but posting at the wrong time? That’s a pitfall. This year, the peak time to post lies between 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm, with an engagement rate of 7.33%. Through FeedHive, you can find the most active hours according to your followers activity, leading to better performance and more engagement on your feed.

3. Generate the Right Hashtags

Hashtags serve as a gateway to reach a wide array of audiences. Using thirty hashtags on a post can augment your reach by 20%. That means scheduling your content without them is not an option.

Well, FeedHive has got you here, too! With FeedHive, you can generate the AI-powered hashtags best suited to your posts or overall profile for an added kick to bolster your business.

4. Evaluate and Improve

Periodic assessment of your Instagram engagement metrics is a key to elevating your online performance. These insights allow you to improvise the data according to what your audience liked the most. FeedHive provides a simple and in-depth analysis of your posts while predicting how well they can perform in your circle if posted at a particular time. This feature saves you from a lot of unnecessary hassle!

5. Build a Community

Relying on Instagram algorithm hacks and tailoring your posts to suit them are ideal ways to increase your visibility. But they can’t beat the organic connection you build with your audience through time and effort. Set aside a few hours daily to reply to the comments, engage in conversation via direct messages, and assess the sentiments of your audience on each post.

Final Thoughts

This brief guide covers everything about the Instagram algorithm in a precise manner to equip you with familiarity, knowledge, and skill so you have the upper hand in your digital community. It also explores the features of AI-powered tools like FeedHive that you can use to streamline the process of scheduling, crafting, and posting your work.

These hacks, tips, and benefits combined hold the potential to level up your online game on Instagram!

Syed Hassan Zaman

Lead Content Marketer

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