February 2023, Product Update - New Features & Improvements

Here are all the new features and upgrades that were added in February 2023

New features

⚡ Automation

We're happy to announce the start of a new era!
FeedHive will start rolling out our new automation features.

And we're starting with the first feature: Triggers.

→ Create posts from Zapier
→ Save drafts from voice commands
→ Auto-publish posts for new blog articles
→ Auto-publish posts for new YouTube videos
...The options are endless!

✨ New TinyKiwi Backgrounds

New background packages in TinyKiwi.

We added a lot of new backgrounds, including blurry, paint and bubbles.

We have many more of these coming soon!

Bugfixes and improvements


  • Quick button for generating hashtags
  • Saving posts by clicking Ctrl/Cmd + S


  • Broken Pinterest character counter
  • FeedHive AI suggestion wipes URL + Title
  • Issue with adding multiple MOV files


  • AI Writing assistant
  • Improvements to TinyKiwi
  • Native iOS/Android App

See more on our Public Roadmap

Stay tuned 🚀

Simon Hoiberg

CEO & Founder

Simon Hoiberg is a Danish entrepreneur, content creator, and the founder of FeedHive.