How To Come Up With Great YouTube Video Ideas

Starting your YouTube journey and generating video ideas can be head-scratching, but not anymore! This article is here to help you get started with ease.

Almost 694,000 hours of videos are streamed on YouTube every minute. With such a huge volume of video content being uploaded and watched daily, it seems like everything has already been done. You can't shake the feeling that your YouTube videos are just a drop in the ocean of YouTube content. No offense; as a YouTube content creator, you pour your blood and sweat into your channel's success.

But coming up with fresh and new ideas for 365 days seems impossible. And without a proper strategy, it is. That's why we have done the groundwork for you. In this article, you'll learn how to get ideas for YouTube videos and some YouTube content ideas for beginners. So sit back and start exploring.

YouTube Content Ideas For Beginners

Every million-subscriber channel has started with a blank slate, just like you. They had nothing when they started and it took them years of failures and experiments. But don't fret; you don't have to go it alone. Below we have mentioned 5 top YouTube content ideas for beginners, which can also fall under the category of YouTube channel ideas to make money. So let's get started.

1. Vlogs

Almost 44% of internet users watch vlogs with great interest. YouTube pays a handsome amount to vloggers, that's why it's among the ideal YouTube channel ideas to make money. If you are a newbie and don't have any specific experience or skill, just grab your camera and start making vlogs. It's not necessary to have a perfectly curated life or job to create exciting vlogs. Even cooking a meal or traveling to your college can work.

2. Unboxing Videos

Over 90,000 people search for unboxing videos monthly, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. We know you are looking for YouTube content ideas for beginners. That's why there is no need to unbox a new iPhone every time.

You can start with any kitchen gadget or home appliance because the point is that people are striving to see your reaction. We all are grown-up kids and love watching these videos for some reason. You just need to give your honest opinion on those products and give them a trial in front of your audience.

3. Hauls

Are you the one who loves showcasing your shopping finds? Then why not make some money by recording such videos? Hauls would be a great option for you, then. You just need to pick your style, keep your bills and film your genuine opinion, and that's all. If you are a shopping nerd, this YouTube channel idea to make money is your ultimate destination.

4. Challenges

If you are the type of person who always chooses to dare while playing the hot seat, then creating challenge videos might be a perfect content idea. Ranging from bottle flip to accent challenges, people are crazy for these videos.

The appeal of challenge videos lies in the sense of anticipation that what is going to happen? And you just have to be honest with your challenge. So why not consider it as the easiest YouTube channel idea to make money?

5. Travel Videos

Travel content viewership is at an all-time high. If you are just starting on this platform and hunting for YouTube content ideas for beginners, why not try this idea? Well, you don't have to visit Blue Lagoon or Turkey whenever you want to make a travel video.

You can visit your nearest grocery store, museum, safari zoo, or even your friend's home. Remember that your travel videos don't have to be perfect every time. Just keep experimenting.

How To Get Ideas For YouTube Videos

If you have chosen any YouTube content ideas for beginners from the above list, you are almost 50% there, but what about the remaining 50? Before you dive headfirst into creating content, there's one important thing you can't overlook. That is - how to get ideas for YouTube videos on a daily basis.

To keep your audience engaged and entertained, you must keep things fresh and exciting. New creators often struggle with this. That's why we have scoured the depth of successful YouTube channels and curated this guide. After this read, you'll be able to answer your inner self the question of how to get ideas for YouTube videos without scratching your head. So let's begin.

1. Identify Your Niche

First of all, you need to find your passion and interest. Think about what ideas excite you.

Probably, you may be interested in multiple niches, e.g., cooking, travel, crafts, etc., but think again there would be only one niche that skips your heartbeat. Hold it. You cleared the first step; now you have to polish this idea.

2. Find Top Channels in That Particular Space

In this stage, you must look up to creators doing great in your niche. Analyze them keenly because these creators have spent years honing their skills. Pay close attention to their style, what content they are producing, the tone of their videos, and the format they are using.

3. Analyze Their Most Popular Videos

When you have identified a list of competitors in your niche, the next step is to analyze their most popular content pieces. You have to keep an eye on their highest-viewed videos and which keywords they rank. Don't forget to look at their comment section for viewers' feedback. This will help you understand your audience more effectively.

4. Steal Like an Artist

Don't worry; we are not going to teach you how to steal your competitor's hard work. Instead, you need to take deep insights from other creators in your niche and have to put your spin on it. Examine a lot of content and uniquely repurpose them. Don't copy; it won't work on YouTube. Just take inspiration and do your hard work.

5. Create Brainstorming Template

Let's assume you have selected many new ideas to practice. Now you have to think outside the norm, which can be done by creating a brainstorming template. This will help you organize your thoughts, which allows you to explore new and fresh ideas every time.

6. Test Your Ideas

After all brainstorming, you have to make a video and hit the publish button. But be sure to test some samples first. Create short videos and share them with a focused group to get feedback. You can use the tools like FeedHive to see how your audience responds to your test videos. It will help you refine and improve your content strategy.

Final Take

Starting on YouTube as a beginner will be nerve-wracking. Coming up with new ideas takes hours of sleepless nights, but what if we say we have got you covered for this as well? FeedHive is your ultimate saver that can work as your personal chat assistant. You just need to give it a prompt about what to post today, and it will give you many ideas in just nanoseconds. It can also help you with competitor analysis, posting, scheduling, and keyword research.

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