How to Get TikTok Famous? Top Strategies for Success

Wondering what to do to be popular on TikTok? Read our guide on how to get TikTok famous.

If you ever watched TikToks before, it’s probably easy for you to see why so many brands (such as Ryanair, Duolingo, GymShark and more) are drawn to its short-form videos and creative content.

The app makes it relatively easy for brands and individuals to go viral and gain in popularity quickly. But not everything is as simple as it looks.

If you’re struggling with becoming TikTok-famous as a brand, you’ve arrived at the right address.

Today, we come to you with the key strategies to getting famous on this app.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to start creating the fame-bringing TikToks on your account.

Top benefits of becoming TikTok famous

Not sure if you want to become TikTok famous in the first place? The below benefits will convince you it’s worth a try!

Benefit #1: It’s relatively easy to become TikTok famous: this means you won’t have to dedicate large amounts of time to this platform; follow our example-based ideas and enjoy!

Benefit #2: TikTok is a growing social media giant that will soon dominate other platforms, si it’s a matter of time before more brands join the platform: the sooner you do it, the better for you.

Benefit #3: Being popular on TikTok as a brand may result in increased sales and brand awareness.

Benefit #4: Gaining popularity on TikTok could open the doors for your brand to build new partnerships and collaborations in new countries.

Benefit #5: Portraying your brand as modern and trendy (by being active on TikTok) has the potential to show your customers that you’re staying relevant and up to date. This can further empower their loyalty to your brand in the long term.

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How to get TikTok famous? 8 effective ways + examples

Now that you know the attractive benefits of being TikTok famous, let’s see how you can take advantage of them!

Below you’ll find 8 ways with examples that can bring you closer to success. Enjoy!

  1. Post regularly and often

There are many ways to grow your following on TikTok, and one of the most effective ones is through posting content frequently and regularly.

If you post videos often and regularly, then you will have more chances of reaching a wider audience, compared to if you only post sporadically.

For example, below you can see Ryanair’s TikTok account. Their 3 most recent videos were all published within 1 day. Thanks to posting often, Ryanair has managed to gather nearly 2 million subscribers on this app, making it a very famous profile on the platform.


  1. Use trending sounds and filters

Another one of the hacks to getting TikTok famous is making use of the trending sounds and filters.

There are many different filters that can be used according to your mood or the type of video that you are going to make. The best way is to always use the ones which are currently being used by many people.

You should also use the trending sound effects if you want to make your videos more discoverable. That’s because people often browse through videos with specific sounds as they’re interested in seeing them.

Below there’s an example of a video coming from the TikTok account. The video has 15 million likes after it used the incredibly popular “Oh No - Kreepa” TikTok sound.

So you should take the example from this brand and do the same if you want to increase your popularity.


  1. Use hashtags

Moving on, let’s not forget about the power of hashtags. If you’re not using them yet, you better change this as soon as possible.

The app has a search engine that mainly relies on hashtags and tags. The more tags your video has, the higher chance it will show up for users who are searching for particular topics or keywords.

This means you’ll get more views, and as a result maybe even new followers. This way you’ll be on the right track to becoming TikTok-famous.

Examples of hashtags you can add to every video:

  • #foryoupage
  • #fyp
  • #comedy
  • #funnyvideos
  • #tiktokchallenge
  • #viralvideos
  • #viral
  • #trending
  • #duet

Take a look at this example: a simple video of a cat resulted in over 35 million likes. The hashtags the author of the video used include: #catsoftiktok, #viral, #funny, #cute, #cutness and #foryoupage.

As you can see, sometimes a simple video boosted by some hashtags can turn into something viral. Do learn from this example!


  1. Make stitches and duets

On TikTok, you can also make stitches and duets, apart from simple, standalone TikTok videos.

A stitch is when you take a part from someone’s video and record your part to it, to then create one video.

A TikTok duet on the other hand is when you’re recording your video in synchrony to the other video. As a result, you can synchronously see both videos at the same time, like in the example shown below.

If you want to increase your visibility on this music app, you should also engage with stitches and duets.


  1. Join TikTok challenges

Everyone who knows TikToks has seen at least one viral TikTok challenge in their life.

In short, a TikTok challenge is some trend or a campaign that invites people to create their own videos doing some specific tasks or activities. They may include things like showing off a talent, using a product, singing a song or doing a specific dance.

There’s absolutely always some TikTok challenge going on on the platform. Because of that, you should be consistently on the lookout for them and participate in them.

Most of TiKTok challenges usually attract lots of visitors, which is awesome news for you.

For example, below there’s one video representing a “dancing” challenge to some orchestra music. The video easily got over 1 million likes, nearly 5000 comments and over 30 thousand shares.

Pretty impressive for a seemingly innocent video, isn't it?


  1. Tell a viral story

Continuing, TikTok is an awesome platform for storytelling.

Surprisingly, people love hearing random stories of normal people on this app, and they often get lots of likes, comments and shares, as you can see below.

So if you have some interesting or crazy story to share, TikTok seems to be the best place for it nowadays.

The more natural it gets, the better for your views. Just be yourself and you might wake up with a viral video that’ll make you famous on this app.


  1. Interact with others

Another strategy you can use when it comes to becoming well-known on TikTok is interacting with others.

You can do it by following other users and liking their content or leaving comments under their videos. You should also respond to the comments under your videos. This will allow you to build personal relationships with them. As a result, they’ll be more likely to like, share and comment again. That means extra exposure for your profile, which is exactly what you’re looking for.

So… if you want to be popular, it's important that you participate in the community and like other people's content too!


  1. Cross-post from other platforms

Finally, it’s worth noting that you can become TikTok famous thanks to the content you initially created for another platform.

Yes, it’s possible, and we’re talking about cross-posting.

Cross-posting is publishing the same content to various communication channels. For example, you publish a video you created for your Instagram to your TikTok account.

This is what a popular model and lifestyle influencer from the United States, Abbie Herbert, does. And as you can see, it works pretty well for her social media channels, and especially her TikTok. Just look at the views.

If you have the means to do the same, you shouldn’t hesitate too long. And let us add that for the purpose of cross-posting, you’ll find our cross-posting tool very useful for yourself: FeedHive.

Thanks to FeedHive, you can easily publish your content to multiple channels with one click. It allows you to save time and keep your content organized in one place. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?



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Other than that, thanks for stopping by and we wish you best of luck with becoming TikTok famous quickly!

TikTok FAQ

Below you’ll find some of the most commonly asked questions about TikTok. Have a read to learn more about this platform!

How to get TikTok famous quickly?

If you want to become famous on TikTok, you should do what works for other, popular TikTok users. Examples include posting regularly and frequently, using trending sounds and filters, using hashtags, making stitches and duets, joining challenges, sharing viral stories, interacting with others and cross-posting.

How to search for top TikTok social media trends?

To stay on top of TikTok trends, you need to follow marketing blogs, Instagram, and Quora. However, you should look in TikTok's app first as that’s where all the TikTok trends are born

What is the best way to get more views onTikTok videos?

Follow the TIKTOK method if you want to get more TikTok views. To find out what it is, be sure to check this article out.

How difficult is it to create a viral TikTok video?

There is no easy way to make a TikTok video that goes viral. By using the right content and strategy, as well as the TikTok algorithm, you can make it to the for you page. Trending sounds and filters, as well as content relevant to your audience, can be helpful.

Could my TikTok appear on the for you page?

Getting noticed by the TikTok algorithm is one way to reach the 'for you' page on TikTok. You can sometimes find totally random videos on the FYP page. You have a better chance of making the main page if your videos are engaging and entertaining.

Can you recommend any tools for TikTok creators?

TikTok creators have access to a number of useful tools. For example, there may be a way for you to get help with content scheduling, cross-posting, and planning. It includes FeedHive, a tool for cross-posting between Instagram and TikTok.

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