How to Post on Facebook: Best Practices

Posting on Facebook might be tricky if you follow wrong practices. Read our top tips and post like a pro!

How to Post on Facebook: Best Practices

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Posting on Facebook or other social media seems ridiculously easy. You just need to know what to click on to create a post. Right? Well, not exactly. It would be nice to know how to do it correctly to get the maximum benefit from your activity. You can hire social media freelancers to optimize your social media account.

In today's article, we'll give you the best practices for posting on Facebook and two methods to help you with this task. Let's fly with it!

Why You Should Post on Facebook

For starters, let's consider why your business should be on social media at all and why you should be active on Facebook.

Just see: as of July 2022, 4.70 billion people worldwide use social media, equivalent to 59.0 percent of the world's population. In addition, 9 out of 10 internet users now use social media every month. And why might you focus specifically on Facebook? Because as of July 2022, this platform has 2.934 billion monthly active users, ranking it 1st among the most 'active' social media sites. These big numbers tell how much potential there is in social media. Your company can benefit significantly from this opportunity.

#1 Your Customers Are There

First, Facebook is another space where you can meet your customers, communicate with them, and create new relationships. There you will find not only regular customers but also potential ones who you can convince to use your products and services. What's more, you can also promote your products (similar to how you can market on Twitter, except with a much larger potential audience)and reach out to new social groups. So this platform gives you new opportunities that no other place on the Internet will provide.

#2 Your Competition Is There

Secondly, social media, especially Mark Zuckerberg's platform, is home to competitors who can steal your customers from under your nose. They may be doing a successful marketing campaign or just starting to develop a base of regular followers, but either way, they can take over your clients if you don't build your Facebook profile. Conversely, by creating a Facebook business page and communicating with the audience, you will not only make it harder for competitors to take over your customers, but you will also increase brand recognition.

Posting on Facebook: Best Practices

So, as you can see: it's worth setting up business Facebook accounts. Just how to maintain it? Share as many posts as possible, flood users with walls of text, upload 3 videos each, and dozens of hashtags? Not really. We have a couple of best practices for you in order to take over Facebook for your site.

Tip 1: Create Content that Appeals to Your Audience

What is the importance of the Facebook content you share? Because social media content will determine how much engagement you receive. For this reason, look carefully at what you want to share. For example, posts that look like an essay, that is, a block of text without any highlighting or visuals, are not advisable. In other words, they are neither attractive nor engaging, which is the opposite of what you want.

Having too much text can be overwhelming, so keep the key points and eliminate the rest. Meanwhile, your post should be short and sweet - contain the essence of the message and be:

  • personalized,
  • interesting,
  • inspiring,
  • informative,
  • educational,
  • or even funny - if it's your aim.

And do you know what your customers are looking for? What type of prize and award ideas they might be interested in? Or, are they looking to take an online course? How about researching the market or asking followers rather than wandering around guessing?

Tip 2: Include Images and Videos

Eye-catching visuals can make your message stand out. Followers may not feel like reading the entire post, but they will see the graphic immediately, and with it, they can decide whether to dig deeper into your Facebook post or scroll further. So yes, the visual materials you add to your message play a big difference in setting your message unique from the crowd and memorable.

Check out our article, where we explain how to create social media images!

Avoid stock photos, which have little originality and can also be used by competitors. What’s more, always bet on quality and be sure that the graphics are sharp and the video is pleasant to watch. You can also build infographics and include the essential information on them, for example, from your latest blog post.

Also, remember to use your brand colors, which will identify the materials with your company and affect brand recognition.

We know that in addition to text, your Facebook post should include something else to make it more appealing. But what's too much is unhealthy, so you also need to know moderation.

Tip 3: Use Engaging Social Media Questions

Another idea on how to create a good Facebook post is engaging social media questions. In addition to driving discussion, encouraging sharing, and providing cross-posting opportunities, they can inspire future social media posts. As a result, likes, comments, and shares will increase, and you'll enjoy the engagement you've generated.

The goal of almost every social media manager is to increase interaction, reach, and understanding of the needs of their audience. With these questions, they can achieve a variety of objectives and also collect a great deal of quantitative and qualitative data. First, however, keep your finger on the pulse and watch for unfavorable comments so that no negativity is created.

Tip 4: Don’t Forget about Hashtags

Another essential element of your post should be hashtags. Choose them appropriately for the topic you are covering, as they should lead users to specific content, not confuse them. Correctly selected and applied, they are a very good instrument for promoting Facebook posts and, consequently, promoting your own business. They will also allow you to identify people who publish related content - you will more easily establish relationships and interact with participants interested in your industry.

You shouldn't overdo it with hashtags, either. It's worth betting on single, carefully selected phrases, and don't use more than a few, as this won't have much effect.

Tip 5: Utilize CTA

We also can't forget about Call To Action, whose goal is to get the user to take a specific action. Thus, this is the core of online marketing activity and a way to move users along in their journey toward conversion.

When constructing an effective CTA, it's essential to start by defining the purpose of your communication and think about the message in terms of what the customer expects or what problem they want to solve. Speak the language of benefits, not the language of features, such as "Click here to get rid of problems."

It is also imperative that you address the user directly so that they feel you are speaking specifically to them. If your conversion goal is to get users to visit your product page or learn about your company, perfect will be action words like:

  • start,
  • discover,
  • find,
  • and explore.

Also, use words that evoke emotion, but still - it should be a short and concise message.

Tip 6: Post at the Right Time

Posting at the right time of day also matters in terms of how your message will perform. Regular communication with your followers is essential to building an engaged social media community. As Facebook operates on an algorithm, posting your content on the right day and hour is crucial to increasing engagement. And it's obvious your audience is more likely to engage when they are online, not sleeping, for example.

For this reason, find out when is the best time to post - both in terms of time and day. You can observe for yourself when and at what time of day your followers present the most significant interest in your material or use professional tools that will tell you what the best time to publish is. We're about to tell you more about what software can help you do this!

Tip 7: Find Valuable Sources

And most importantly: always use reliable and verified sources to avoid spreading misinformation and misleading your customers. If you're looking for information to use in your Facebook posts, videos, infographics, or even if you're looking for articles to link to, make sure what you're about to put on your board is truthful. Unfortunately, the Internet has no shortage of falsified content marketing statistics or manipulated data in someone's favor. So before you decide to use such information, verify with other sources that it is correct.

The last thing you want to worry about is making public something that is not true. And if your target audience sees that you're spreading misinformation, you'll lose trust and credibility, and your information will always be questionable from then on.

How to Post on Facebook: 2 Ways

There are two ways to publish posts on Facebook. You can abo use Creator studio, or you can use a professional Facebook post management app like FeedHive. Let's see what the differences are between these choices.

#1 Creator Studio

Creator Studio is Facebook's free and simple dashboard for running your Facebook Page for social media marketers and social media teams. However, everyone who has access to Facebook Pages can use this system.


To create a post, you just need to click the big green button called Create Post.

Then, you can write some text, upload images, ad some hashtags, etc. When you're finished drafting your messages, you can either publish them right away, schedule posts for later, or even save them as a draft. And your work is done.

As you can see, it’s a really basic and straightforward way to create a post on Facebook. But Creator Studio doesn’t provide its users with advanced features, just the basic ones. This way is not as attractive as you may think.

#2 FeedHive

But, instead of using Creator Studio, you can bet on FeedHive - a professional social media scheduling tool powered with AI for small, medium, and big businesses.

Facebook posting has never been easier. With this easy-to-use tool, you can create, schedule, publish and manage all your social media efforts. Therefore, you will finally be able to make your content at scale for socials like:

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • Pinterest,
  • YouTube,
  • TikTok,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Twitter,
  • and MyBusiness support is coming soon!

Our intuitive interface will help you to post on Facebook with a single click. But the most interesting part is that you can adjust your post to fit each channel or cross-post to multiple channels! So no more sitting on drafts for hours and editing each one just to fit every social media platform.

Content delivery can be visually planned and scheduled with the click, drag, and drop functionality of this software. So you don't have to write posts on the fly, but prepare them in advance and schedule them for publication. You just need to choose the day and time when you want to publish it. Then create a post and save your actions. Also, take advantage of FeedHive’s advanced features to make your post even more memorable!


Do you want to automate your workflow even more? So create a recurring posting plan! Make a posting plan once, and queue up your Facebook posts instantly.

FeedHive for your Facebook

What else gives you FeedHive? Let’s see:

✨More than 3,000 AI-generated post ideas and templates - eliminating writer's block and helping you write faster.

✨Recycle posts - FeedHive recommends the best posts to recycle, and you can post them with just one click.

✨Hashtag generator - our software uses artificial intelligence to generate relevant, trending hashtags for your Facebook posts. It will assist you in finding the right hashtags for your niche and platform.

✨Post to Facebook groups - you can finally plan and schedule posts to your Facebook groups in order to keep group members engaged.

✨Post conditions - easily add follow-up comments to your best-performing posts based on the number of likes, engagement rate, and more.

✨Facebook posts’ performance - with this feature, you will be able to publish posts that you are sure will perform well with your target audience. You can polish posts and be sure they are perfect.

Additionally, FeedHive will find the best time to post for you in order to let you publish at the right time of the day. Are you not sure about what time to post? With our tool, it isn’t a problem. Thanks to AI, this system analyzes Facebook engagement and the activity of your followers. As a result, it is able to predict the best time to post for your social accounts.

Over to you

Creating Facebooks posts is nothing difficult, but you need to know a few rules so as not to overdo it. Over time, this will become a routine for you, and the materials you design will simply perform well on your Facebook news feed.

Take advantage of FeedHive to make your work seamless and improve your workflow. There's no need to wait - sign up for an account today and let Facebook work for you!

How to Post on Facebook: Best Practices

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