How To Use Hashtags For Instagram In 2023

Learn how to use hashtags for Instagram in 2023. Expand audience, categorize content, join trends, foster community, increase metrics, diversify, and create branded tags.

How To Use Hashtags For Instagram In 2023

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Instagram continues to be a robust platform for both people and companies in the ever-changing world of social media. Because of its large user base and visual focus, Instagram provides enormous chances for content producers and companies to reach their target audience. Hashtags have become an essential tool for increasing exposure and interaction on the site.

How can hashtags help increase visibility and engagement?

Hashtags are essential to increase visibility and engagement on social media sites like Instagram. Here are a few ways that hashtags might facilitate this:

Increase Your Audience

You improve the likelihood that people looking for or following specific hashtags will find your material by using relevant and well-liked hashtags in your postings. By doing this, you may reach a wider audience and extend your reach beyond your current following.

Sort Your Content by Type

Your work is categorized using hashtags based on topics, themes, or keywords. This makes it simpler for individuals with specific interests to locate and interact with your content. Connect with others who share your interests, facilitating deeper conversations.

Take Part in Trending Discussions

Popular subjects and current conversations are represented by trending hashtags. You may participate in the discussion and make your material more visible by adding these hashtags to your postings. This keeps you current and could bring in new followers who are enthusiastic about the hot issue.

Encourage community involvement

You may target a specific audience with niche-specific hashtags and create a feeling of community around your content. Users that use these hashtags to look for or follow content are expressing an interest in that specific subject.

You may develop connections, draw followers, and promote interactions within your specialized community by using pertinent hashtags and actively interacting with posts that include those hashtags.

Increase Engagement Metrics

Likes, comments, and shares may increase thanks to hashtags. Practical hashtag usage increases the likelihood that people actively looking for or following such hashtags will notice your content. With more interactions with your material due to this exposure, engagement levels may increase, and you could get additional followers.

Promoting user-generated content

User-generated content may be encouraged by using branded hashtags. You may encourage your followers to make and share content using a unique hashtag you develop that is related to your brand or a particular campaign. This raises brand awareness and encourages user engagement and a feeling of community.

What Are the Best Ways to Use Hashtags for Instagram in 2023?

#1 Learn about the most recent Instagram algorithm

A set of guidelines called the Instagram algorithm is used to rank content on the network. It selects the material that appears and the order in which it appears on the feeds of all Instagram users, the Explore Page, the Reels feed, hashtag pages, etc.

Every piece of material that is uploaded to the Instagram site is examined by the algorithm. It considers engagement metrics, metadata, and hashtags. Based on this data, it distributes content to ensure people can easily access the data and pages they are most curious to see.

You can use hashtags according to this algorithm to attract more relevant traffic to your page.

#2 Research Relevant Hashtags before using them

Identify hashtags that are relevant to your content and target audience by doing research. Search for a combination of trending hashtags with high interaction and hashtags specialized for your sector or hobbies.

Discover relevant and popular hashtags by using one of the many hashtag research tools accessible online, such as FeedHive, RiteTag, Hashtagify, or Instagram's own search function. You may use these tools to get insightful information and make well-informed hashtag choices.

#3 Utilize a High Range of Hashtags on every post

Incorporate both general and niche hashtags into your content. Specific hashtags are more focused and may help you reach a more engaged audience, whereas broad hashtags have more extensive search traffic but may also have more competition.

Don't be scared to try out other hashtag versions. This involves varying the word order, using emoticons, or fusing widely used hashtags with more specialized ones. This enables you to broaden your audience reach and investigate other audience groups.

#4 Watch out for trending hashtags

Keep up to speed with the latest hashtags and trending topics on Instagram. You may join more considerable discussions and get more attention by using these popular hashtags in your post.

Follow the hashtags used by influencers or industry leaders in your field. By participating in their community by liking, commenting, and sharing their material, you may raise your profile in their eyes and draw their followers to your profile.

#5 Make your own hashtags

Create a distinctive, customized hashtag for your company or promotions. Encourage your fans to share material about your brand using it. This encourages user-generated content and raises the exposure of brands.

Create hashtag campaigns that are tailored to your business or marketing efforts. Encourage audience participation by having them share campaign-related material on social media using the specified hashtag. This not only produces user-generated content but also raises engagement and brand recognition.

#6 Be Aware of Hashtag Restrictions

Despite Instagram's 30-hashtag limit per post, maintaining balance is crucial. Using too many hashtags might come out as spammy. Aim for around 10-15 well-picked, relevant hashtags in every post.

#7 Keep an eye on hashtag performance

To monitor the effectiveness of your hashtags, use Instagram Insights and other analytics programs. To determine which hashtags most benefit your content, track reach, impressions, and engagement data and make any modifications.

#8 Collaborating with Other Accounts

Work together with other people who use Instagram or companies in your sector. You may reach their audience and attract new prospective fans to your content by sharing hashtags in your joint postings.

#9 Use a Hashtag Research Tool like FeedHive

To identify, investigate, and arrange the ideal hashtag groups for your social profile and content, use FeedHive's hashtag Research Tool. They provide one of the most thorough AI-powered hashtag research tools available.

The best hashtag groups for your content are automatically generated by FeedHive using cutting-edge AI technology, unlike many other services that enable fundamental hashtag analysis for Instagram.


In 2023, hashtags will still boost Instagram exposure and interaction. Users may leverage the power of hashtags to improve their Instagram presence and meaningfully interact with their target audience by using hashtags strategically and being flexible to evolving trends. Hashtags may be used to develop your following on the platform, connect with your audience, and enhance exposure.

How To Use Hashtags For Instagram In 2023

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