January 2024, Product Update - New Features & Improvements

We’re starting out strong in January 2024 🔥 Let’s take a look at the new features and improvements we’ve added.

New features

📄 Adding new LinkedIn company profiles

Mentioning a LinkedIn Company page used to be tedious! Not anymore!

if FeedHive doesn’t already know about the company page you’re trying to mention, you can now add it directly.

#️⃣ Improved Hashtags

We did a full search and revamp of our hashtag database (containing more than 3M hashtags).

It is now up to date with accurate calculations, numbers, and hashtag trends for 2024. We tweaked the AI as well, so it’s now much better at generating the right hashtags for your posts.

🏷️ New customization for White Label

We added new ways to customize your White Label dashboard. You can now create custom widgets and CTAs on the home page for your clients.

In addition, you can also customize SEO and add custom scripts to your White Label app.

Bugfixes & improvements


  • Faster navigation between schedule/plan
  • UI: Better overview on monthly plan page
  • More reliable checking of fields in CSV


  • Bulk planning not always working
  • Global search bar not being clickable
  • Issues predicting the correct next slot
  • Miscalculated LinkedIn mentions


  • More workflow updates for faster usage
  • More automation options for White Label users
  • Triggers/Notifications recipes
  • Threads integration 👀

See more on our Public Roadmap

Stay tuned 🚀

Simon Hoiberg

CEO & Founder

Simon Hoiberg is a Danish entrepreneur, content creator, and the founder of FeedHive.