November 2022, Product Update - New Features & Improvements

Here are all the new features and upgrades that were added in November 2022.

November 2022, Product Update - New Features & Improvements

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New features

Social Inbox for YouTube

You can now reply to YouTube comments directly from FeedHive's social inbox!
We will pull comments from all your videos (not only shorts), and let you reply - quick and easily - just like with the other platforms.

Analytics for YouTube 📈

In addition, we made some changes to our analytics dashboard and have included YouTube! Now you can see engagement, number of subscribers and views.

Multiple Images + Polls for LinkedIn

LinkedIn now allows adding multiple images to your posts!
And as a bonus, we can now also create and schedule polls on LinkedIn.

Facebook Reels

You can schedule Facebook Reels directly from FeedHive!
And just like Instagram Reels, you can add a first-comment which will be published along with the reel.

Bugfixes and improvements


  • Include "private" LinkedIn accounts in Social Inbox.
  • Improved aspect ratio on images/videos.
  • Better at determining unsuported video formats.


  • Short videos "stuck".
  • Facebook group rejected when existing group is present (edge-case).
  • Extra redirect after authentication.


  • Triggers (alpha version of FeedHive API)
  • Native iOS/Android App
  • Generating reports for analytics

See more on our Public Roadmap

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November 2022, Product Update - New Features & Improvements

Andreea Buzea

Head of Product Design

UI/UX Engineer and graphics designer. Head of Product Design at FeedHive.