TikTok Video Ideas To Boost Engagement

Are you still scratching your head about the next TikTok video idea? Stop worrying, as the following article eases tension and gives you trendy ideas to engage your audience profoundly.

In the world of social media, where trends come and go, a trendsetter can revolutionize the game. Yes, we are talking about the king, TikTok, which has become the world's craze since 2017. With 1 billion staggering users worldwide, it is the second most extensively used social media platform. Where 106 thousand TikTok influencers constantly strive to create viral content.

But let's face it, the elusive goal of virality is not easy to achieve. You have to come up with fresh and innovative ideas every day. And the task of ideation always remains a nightmare for TikTok creators because the competition for them is always fierce. But hold on, the struggle for you as a TikTok influencer has ended here because we have done the hard work for you.

In this blog, you'll find the best TikTok ideas for 2023 that cost us many sleepless nights. So if you want to ethically steal some of the trendy TikTok ideas to go viral, read on.

7 TikTok Video Ideas to Boost Your Engagement

As a TikTok creator, it's time to perk up if you are suffering from low engagement on your videos. It's not uncommon to feel stuck in a rut when it comes to creating TikTok videos. However, it's important to note that a lack of innovative or trending ideas might be the reason for subpar engagement.

But what if we say that you no longer need to suffer from this headache? Yes, because we have a ready-made list of the best TikTok ideas of 2023 in the bucket. All of these are trending like hotcakes. Don't just take our word for it. Stick with us till the end and discover why these ideas are big on TikTok.

1. Short Tutorials

Did you hear the news? TikTok now allows creators to make videos up to 10 minutes. But still, the engagement of short-form video content is incomparable. That's why, If you are looking for the best TikTok ideas to go viral, consider making short tutorials. You just need to pick your niche, choose a background, and make a 60-sec how-to tutorial. Remember that you have to pack everything in those 60 seconds if you want to boost viewer retention.

2. Transformation Videos

Transformational videos are the most sought-after video content types on TikTok. Where a girl with a sleepy face turns into a Disney princess in just 10 seconds, and it is not the only way to make transition videos. You can make such videos with literally anything. For instance, are you going to make dinner? Just take a shot of raw vegetables and then wait for the final food to get ready.

After that, edit these two cuts, and there you go. These before-and-after videos are like dynamite. They grab attention like nothing else. So if you want to boost your video engagement without doing something extraordinary, this is among the trending TikTok ideas to go viral.

3. Educational Content

Around 40% of GenZ prefer TikTok for internet searches instead of Google. It happened because the combination of education and entertainment is always a hit—that's why educational content falls under the categorization of best TikTok ideas in 2023. We are not recommending you stick to dull and dry educational content, but always try to mix it with fun.

If you have any specific skill, for instance, maths expertise, or can teach English pronunciation like a pro, this trendy idea is for you. You can share teaching tips, resources, new tools, or websites with people, and they can't resist coming back for me.

4. Host A Giveaway

People often have this misconception that TikTok is just for useless scrolling or fun activities. But they are unfamiliar with the marketing value of TikTok. Which means you can use this platform for marketing your products and services. It is the most exciting or compelling video content idea that is sure to go viral.

So, If you are a business owner looking for some TikTok ideas for businesses, try using this one. You can blindly increase your sales and engagement by running successful giveaways on TikTok. Plus, Don't forget to use eye-catching visuals and music to capture your audience's attention.

5. Product Reviews

Now this is one of the trending TikTok ideas to go viral because such videos offer a unique and entertaining way for viewers to learn about new products and make informed buying decisions. With the rise of e-commerce, people primarily rely on recommendations and product reviews before making a purchase.

And TikTok is the perfect platform for short-form product review videos to provide quick and concise information engagingly. If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, you can also showcase the benefits of your products through short videos. So we can say product review videos are also ideal TikTok ideas for businesses.

6. Funny Pet-Related Videos

What if we say you can gain millions of views by uploading your cat's video? Yes, we are not just bragging. Pet-related videos are the most viewed content on TikTok because they often elicit an emotional response from viewers.

Pet videos perfectly fit the platform's upbeat and positive vibe. People love to see cute and funny animals. So you can film your fatty cat eating his meal peacefully or a golden retriever licking your face and showing his love. These videos receive a lot of views because they often have a universal appeal that can attract a massive audience.

7. Get Ready with Me Videos

#GRWM now has more than 59.5 billion views and counting. Get Ready with Me videos involve the process of showing your viewers how you choose your outfits, makeup, or hairstyle for an activity or any event. The most exciting fact about GRWM videos is that the most famous TikTok creators have gained popularity after filming such videos.

Another factor in its popularity is that brands are now paying hefty sums to creators so that they can introduce their products to a broad audience. That's the beauty of the craze, isn't it? So if you are looking for some TikTok ideas for businesses, start shooting GRWM videos.

Final Thoughts

We have solved the problem of procrastination for you. Now you don't have to worry about finding top TikTok trends in 2023. Pick any of the above ideas and make a video quickly. But wait, is there anything you are still conscious about? Do you want someone else to handle your scheduling, posting, analytics measurement, and TikTok?

Well, we have something for you. FeedHive is an AI tool specially designed to help social media creators. So, if you want a perfect assistant to manage your TikTok content ideas, from researching the hashtags to engaging with your audience, FeedHive is ready to save your day.

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