7 Best Viral Content Ideas For All Social Media Platforms

Are you still struggling to find viral content ideas for your audience? Read the following blog to get all the viral ideas for your social media platforms!

The average number of social media users is expected to reach 5.85 billion globally in 2027. This huge competition makes it an increasingly competitive landscape for social media users to stand out and make their mark. Posting on social sites without a proper plan or research is like wishing to hit the bullseye in the dark. Every social media user strives to create viral content, but resonating with such a massive audience is challenging.

So, how are you planning to break the barrier and get 10x more likes, comments, and shares on your social media posts? Don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered. This blog will disclose all viral content ideas for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. These viral ideas will help you stay ahead of the competition without much hassle. Just pick any idea and get ready to go viral.

7 Viral Content Ideas For Social Media Sites

After analyzing countless viral content ideas from social media platforms, we have curated a list of 7 viral content ideas for Facebook, Instagram,  or LinkedIn. These ideas will boost your social presence and give you credibility before your target audience. But it's important to consider one thing, that all those content pieces have a common thread.

They contain a mix of information, entertainment, relatability, and emotions. These four points are the main reasons any social media post goes viral. But on what ideas they had such massive engagement were different. Some of them are explained below.

1. Infographics

Social media posts that contain infographics are likely to generate 12% more traffic than other posts. A visual representation of information has more potential to engage the audience, and it communicates well. That's why combining images and text is more visually appealing and shareable. Regardless of any social media platform, infographics are always a hit.

It often provides bite-sized information to people who prefer quick and snackable content. Infographics can be easily consumed in seconds and are always more appealing to the audience. So, consider posting infographics if you want one-size-fits viral content ideas for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

2. Listicles

Do you know the attention span of an average human has dropped to 8 seconds in a 2015 survey? Let's put it in context. Listicles are regarded as one of the viral content ideas for LinkedIn and other social sites due to this reason. Listicles compress content into an easily scannable format because people don't want to read long.

Another reason why listicles went viral is that search engine algorithms love them. People are likely to share listicles content 2x faster than any other social post. Another thing that adds value to the virality of listicles is that it triggers human curiosity and lets them read till the end, for instance, a post with the heading 5 viral content ideas for Facebook.

3. Giveaways

The best way to generate sales or get more engagement is by running giveaways and contests. It is among the top viral content ideas for Instagram. Influencers on Instagram want to promote their products or pages, so they offer free samples in giveaways.

According to a recent survey, giveaways generate 34% more sales. And this rate is higher than any other type of content. One rule that is probably a must in any giveaway is to invite or mention your friends, and that's why people share them crazily.

4. Polls

Polls are highly engaging social media content because they allow people to actively participate and express their opinions. Brands and businesses use polls to interact with and personally understand their audience. We have categorized polls among viral content ideas for LinkedIn because they are lighthearted content pieces.

Despite Instagram or Facebook, where you can create a poll in stories, only LinkedIn offers you to publish them as a post. Polls are highly interactive and have a high likelihood of receiving engagement.

5. Q&A sessions

If you are an influencer or a famous business owner, you would probably know why we have mentioned Q&A content here. When you reach a massive audience, people want to know about you, your personality, favorite food, skincare routine, and everything in between. And when you hold a Q&A session, it derives enormous engagement.

Moreover, it's the best way to humanize your brand by interacting with your audience in real-time. You can showcase your expertise in your field by answering the most tricky questions. So, consider using this content idea if you are hunting for easy-peasy viral content ideas for Instagram, Facebook, or any other social site.

6. Tutorials

People run after you if you can make their lives easier. How-to tutorials are not only famous on YouTube but are loved everywhere. But remember that you have to pick an interesting problem to solve. Because we are just telling you the recipe for viral content ideas. Now, it's a must for you to add your creativity and innovation to it.

Writing how-to tutorials or making such videos will establish you as a trusted authority in your niche. Also, try to stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques to serve your audience in a better way. With the right approach, tutorials stand at the top of the viral content ideas for LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

7. Memes

Memes have taken the world by storm in recent years, for good reason. This form of media is one of the most viral forms of entertainment today. Memes spread like wildfire because they capture the zeitgeist of the moment.

In the world of short attention spans, memes are the perfect type of content. This is the viral content idea for Instagram or Facebook, especially because people there want to consume bite-sized nuggets of humor that can be easily shareable. Memes tap into people's emotions and are designed to trigger the release of dopamine in our brains.

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