How it works

Learn about how the platform works, and get set up for success with FeedHive.

How to upload posts from CSV

Learn how to upload posts to FeedHive using CSV

FeedHive White Label Solution

In this article we'll take a look at how to get started with FeedHive's White Label solution

Automation - How to use triggers

Learn how to set up an automation workflow using triggers

How To Use Variables

Variables allow you to add more custom and dynamic content to your posts.

Approval Workflow For FeedHive Teams

Specify which team members need to approve a post before going live

Customizing the calendar

Customize FeedHive's calendar to support you and your teams preferred way of working

How to create and edit User Templates

Learn how to create and edit User Templates

How Engagement Prediction Works

With FeedHive's new AI-powered tool, you can now predict how well your post will perform.

How to use Post Conditions

Learn how to use FeedHive's Post Conditions to create advanced, event-driven posting behavior

Setting up a posting plan

Learn how to set up a recurring posting plan with FeedHive

Recycling Content

Learn how to recycle your content effectively on Social media with FeedHive

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